Appearing in the NY Times "Letters to the Editor" on March 21,2016, Executive Director Allen Keller, reflects on the immorality and the unintended consequences of using torture as tool for national security: 

Torture Is Against ‘America’s Core Values and Security’

The director of N.Y.U.’s Program for Survivors of Torture and a former Army interrogator discuss the immorality of the practice.


To the Editor:

Owning Up to Torture,” by Eric Fair, a former private contractor in Iraq (Sunday Review, March 20), is a chilling reminder of how easy it is to become a torturer yet how difficult it is to live as a former torturer. Combine a superior’s order with vilifying the “other” in the midst of real or perceived danger, and almost anyone will torture.

America’s core values and security demand that we choose leaders who have the wisdom and courage not to torture. Recent remarks by Donald Trump about torture demonstrate neither. We must reject such fear-mongering and hatred.


New York

The writer, an associate professor at the N.Y.U. School of Medicine, is director of the Bellevue-N.Y.U. Program for Survivors of Torture.